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the bags under my eyes are designer 

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Mom: It's almost 10:30. It's getting pretty late you should go to be-
Me: *starts laughing hysterically before turning into a winged batlike demon and flying off into the darkness as a creature of the night*
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▶ Playing the flute is like writing a book. You’re telling what’s in your heart…It’s easier to play if it’s right from your heart. You get the tone, and the fingers will follow.

—  Eddie Cahill (via musicandmorequotes)

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romeo: hey i just met you.
romeo: and this is crazy.
romeo: but i saw you at your dad's party that i wasn't supposed to attend and i thought you were pretty cute so i followed you and we kissed but then your nanny called you away and i found out you were a capulet and got bummed so i sneaked into your back yard in the middle of the night and climbed your balcony uninvited to profess my undying love after an hour even though i wanted to bone rosaline like two scenes ago.
romeo: so marry me maybe.
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▶ Because your existence in time and space is unique, there are lives that only you can touch.

Harry Palmer (via julie911)

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